Exotic Culinary Mushrooms

Locally Organically Grown, Non-GMO, Always Fresh

With Mushrooms, Vegetables, & Herbs This Good,
Why Go Anywhere Else?


A New Standard for Quality Organic Exotic
Mushrooms, Herbs, and Vegetables

only at Mushroom Madre!

For the love of mushrooming . . .

Mushroom Madre is your premier mushroom destination,
a gastronomic exploration, a mecca for mushroom lovers!
We’re your one-stop shop for high quality, organic, fresh and dried mushrooms . . . and more!
• Many varieties to choose from • Fast and efficient delivery • Exceptional quality

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For the love of real vegetables and herbs . . .

Real Food • Real Fresh • Real Fast
We’re not arriving late in the game. We’re right on time!
Veggie Madre brings you the natural state of things with the
freshest herbs and vegetables available anywhere!
We deliver within 24 hours of harvesting. You can taste the difference!
• Many varieties to choose from • Fast and efficient delivery • Exceptional quality

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Mushroom Madre Has It All!

Better for You!
Better for the Planet!

Even our water is clean!

Eat Plenty of Mushrooms! There’s a powerful antioxidant known as ergothioneine contained in mushrooms. Humans can only get it through diet, and mushrooms have it in the highest concentrations of any fresh foods we consume.

We Live by the Seed of Our Plants and So Should You!
Not only are Madre’s fresh vegetables and herbs delicious, they work wonders for your health!
Vegetables and herbs, in all their glorious colors, are powerhouses of good nutrition because they are full of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, and “good” carbohydrates.
Always Non-GMO • Always Organic • Always Chemical Free

Mushroom Madre is an organic certified facility (in process).
Food safety is our focus and is paramount in our daily operations.
We carry a wide variety of custom grown and produced
mushrooms, supplements, herbs, vegetables, and products
specialized to our customers’ needs.
Our strategically-located warehouse allows us
to serve commercial and consumer customers
throughout the Mesquite, Las Vegas, and St. George, Utah areas.
Our vast experience allows us
to serve online customers efficiently and cost effectively.

fresh Organic
leafy greens • hot & bell Peppers • Microgreens • Tomatoes
mushrooms • other vegetables

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Visit here to “Experience Real”
at our hydroponic nursery.

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“Muse, sing the man that did to Paris go,
that he might taste their soups, and mushrooms know.”